Are you a woman or or gender-diverse person who is a PhD Candidate, Post Doc, or Professor who conducts research about low-carbon/sustainable/clean energy topics? We want to meet you! We are welcoming of cis and trans, racialized, Indigenous, LGBTQTS+ women and non-binary people.

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WISER welcomes members who fit two broad criteria into our membership: 1) academic researchers and 2) sustainable energy transitions focus.

We define academic researchers as those who produce peer-reviewed publications, have academic freedom and independence from bodies who fund their work. We acknowledge that academic career paths are not always linear, particularly for those who identify as women. While the norm is likely that members will either hold or be working toward a doctorate, and will hold a position at an academic institution, this may not always be the case. Career paths differ between countries and we are aware that many women with PhDs may be working outside academia for a short time with a view to returning. In the latter case, please indicate this intent/aim to return in your membership application if you aren’t affiliated with a university currently.

We also require that researchers in the network share a commitment to inclusive sustainable energy transitions and our values as defined above. As such, we welcome academic researchers who focus on any aspect of the energy system, from any disciplinary orientation as long as they meet this criterion. For example, a researcher could potentially be exploring both clean energy opportunities as well as challenges in the fossil fuel sector; however, the intent should not be to reinforce unsustainable energy development trajectories but to transition away from high carbon sectors.

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