Women & Inclusivity in Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) is a global network of women and non-binary academics in the field of clean, low–carbon, or sustainable energy research.  We are particularly committed to inclusiveness that goes beyond gender lines and incorporates diversity in class, race, sexuality, and ability.


Established in 2017, WISER materialized out of the need to connect women researching clean energy (PhD Candidates, Post Docs and Professors) and to address implicit biases in this field.

We believe that in order to foster innovation in the areas of clean, low-carbon, and sustainable energy research and training, these issues must be addressed. Our commitment to do so is threefold: we seek to empower our membership through professional development, collaboration, and networking. Together our aim is to motivate women academics to contribute towards a generous mode of knowledge production and sharing in clean, low-carbon and sustainable energy research.

Outwardly, WISER acts as a resource that institutions, researchers, and the public can draw upon while simultaneously providing access to the critical mass of women conducting research in this area.

For further information on how to connect with our researchers or to join our membership, please contact us.